What size should I order?

Please click HERE to view our fit guide. Our cuts run true to size but we do recommend consulting the fit guide to see what works best for your measurements. The fit guide is a general size chart across all styles, and we recommend checking out the product's reviews for further insight on sizing.

Please note: On some products we have added a fit tip (above where you click "add to cart") to help determine what size will work best, along with tips in case the product shrinks. *For questions on shrinkage, check out the article here.*

For example, our Lightweight Hoodie, Lightweight Shore Hoodie, or Slub Hoodie can shrink up to 1 inch in length, and 1/2 inch in width when it's washed on cold and hung to dry. The fit should feel a little loose and long when you first try on so that after it's washed, it will feel perfect.

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