How should I wash my bamboo?

Our natural bamboo fibers is what gives your Free Fly gear that buttery soft feel. Proper care will help prolong your favorite Free Fly product's life. Check out the materials tag on the inside seam for laundering tips, but you can play it safe by washing on cold and hang drying! Pilling can happen to the lightweight products especially, if there's any harsh friction or rubbing during wear or wash (ie: backpacks, waders, or velcro).

If your pieces are new, make sure to try them on before washing. If they don't fit, we offer free exchanges and returns. Once they've been washed, they can no longer be returned or exchanged. For questions on shrinkage, check out the article here.

Wash Cold

Once you have the right fit and you're ready to wash, turn your garment inside out and machine wash cold on the delicate cycle with like colors. This gear can hang for all your activities but it needs a gentle touch when washed. Keep it soft by avoiding washing with heavy items such as jeans and towels. Do NOT use fabric softener on our bamboo tops - it can sadly discolor the fabric depending on the brand.

Hang Dry

After you wash it, hang it to dry. It's quick dry so it'll dry fast. This will keep your garment looking good AND reduce your energy use. We love those win-wins! If the materials tag mentions you can tumble dry on low heat, avoid drying with heavier, rough items as this will cause pilling.

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